New for 2014! SilverFire Scout Backpacking, Bug Out Bag, Gasifier Twig Stove!

New Improved SilverFire Scout Pending Late November 20014!

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New improved pot support design to increase stability, accommodate smaller pots and eliminate hinged pot supports!


The SilverFire Scout is a lightweight wood fired gasifier stove, that operates on just on twigs or flammable biomass.  It is an ultra compact gasifier design intended for minimalist backpacking or bug out application.  It is designed to be used with small solo sized pots or other backpack trekking  and cookware.  The recommended weight for the Scout is 3 lb / 1.5 Kg small pots.  This translates to small cookware designed to heat a quart or liter of water.  This stove is not designed for large family cookware, such as our Dragon Pot.  Consider one of our larger portable stove models for family sized meals.  Please see stove accessories for the MSR Alpine Stowaway pot or fire starter combo kit option offered for sale on our website.  The backpack shown in photo is for combo stove kit size reference and is not included in the sale.  The Scout Stove includes a black noon bag with drawstring.   

Warning:  Buyer's beware, only the SilverFire Scout has a safety ash / hot ember plate attached below the combustion chamber and flame shaped ventilation holes in our custom patented design.  The Internet displays numerous cheap Scout knockoffs, that do not include our ash plate design, which is a huge safety liability and may result in igniting a fire outside the stove!  These knockoff stoves are easily identified by round or square shaped ventilation holes, and do not exhibit our  SilverFire flame shape motif!
Finally the perfect TLUD* compact stove for backpacking or bug out bags. This all stainless steel stove's state-of the art design blends practical technology, durable materials, safety, and ease of use.  This listing is for the SilverFire Scout stove only.  All cookware is shown to educate consumer on size and compact nesting design of the SilverFire Scout backpack / bug out bag stove.  Please go to our Stove Accessories page to view the MSR Alpine Stowaway pot we offer for the SilverFire Scout.  The compact Scout design nests in the MSR pot perfectly for travel.  It is the must have companion for the SilverFire Scout.  This stove could save your life in the field.  

Our simple modular nesting stove is the diameter of a CD and the profile is only 2 & 1/2" tall when collapsed and stowed in our nylon bag.  The Scout TLUD is a leading compact gasifier stove design (vs bulkier Solo, BioLite, Bush Buddy, & Wood Gas stove options).  While other nesting gasifiers maybe appear similar at first glance, only the Scout has a protective ash plate below the combustion chamber floor, to insure safe operation and control of live embers.   
Insure you are ordering the stove with our easy recognizeable flame shaped ventilation holes.  Nesting stoves with square or round ventilation holes do not incorporate our important safety ash plate design found below the combustion chamber. 

Our simple stove design does not use fragile spring wire pot support system that can leave your stove inoperable in the field.  We use a refractory stainless steel grate floor, not simple refractory wire.  Wire grate combustion chamber floors are fragile compared to our stainless steel plate floor.  We have no thin wire in our design that can snap or break.   

We our receiving reports from owners of stoves with wire grates that snapping and failing in the field when fuel is inserted into the combustion chambers or during cleaning.  Fortunately they have been able to replace their stove with our superior, simple, and more compact design.  

The SilverFire Scout is designed for minimalist cookware (lightweight, medium diameter backpack type pots & pans).  It is not suitable for small diameter cups or cookware with a diameter of 4 & 1/2" or 9 CM or less (Stanley cup and other micro diameter MSR type small diameter cookware).  Smaller cookware is not adequately supported by the pot supports.  Heavy cast iron cookware is also not suitable for this stove.  It is designed for backpack cookware and small pots.  Typical time to boil for a liter of water is about 5 minutes using a lidded pot.  The combustion chamber filled with loose packed twigs has a 20 to 30 minute burn time, tightly packed hardwood 45 minutes to more.   Pellets burn for very extended time periods, up to 2 hours!

Our factory makes every attempt to catch sharp edges or burs left from production.  In the event there is an issue are more than happy to accommodate you.  The thin gauge stainless steel is very easy to remove any sharp edges with a fine rasp, file, metal sanding pad, emory cloth, or sandpaper.  In the event a stove does not meet your expectations, please return it to us and we are happy to replace it or detail it for you.  

Clean burning gasification is provided by natural draft ventilation. The stove produces high heat for a twenty minute burn with a single load of ordinary twigs.  Longer durations are possible with more fuel, or denser hardwoods.  There are no moving parts, no electronics, and a zero post-manufacturing carbon footprint.

3rd party Review:  

SilverFire Scout Specifications:
Stove Height Assembled:  6 & 3/4 inches                      Diameter:  5 Inches
Collapsed:  2 & 1/2"                                                      Weight:  12 Oz
Construction:  All stainless steel                                   Combustion Design:  TLUD

*TLUD (Top Lit Up Draft) stoves are the latest product of extensive laboratory research.  Also known as Wood Gasification Stoves, a well tuned TLUD efficiently mixes hot flu gases with primary and secondary preheated air, resulting in clean combustion. You will be amazed by both the lack of smoke, and the small amount of fine ash left in the ash plate, below the combustion chamber.

*In the interest of weight, the SilverFire Scout is a non-insulated type stove.  For a stove that remains cooler on the outside when in use, please see our other fine products.

*After combustion the stove remains hot and may contain live embers.  Handle with care and bury bio char (ashes & embers) appropriately.

*While twigs and flammable biomass can be found in most outdoor locations, SilverFire encourages the highest sensitivity to the environment.  Gathering twigs in the wild may not be appropriate, especially at alpine elevations.
The SilverFire Scout is designed for outdoor use only.  All wood and biomass burning stoves produce harmful emissions including carbon monoxide.  Do not use in tents or locations that are not well ventilated.
Returned SilverFire products subject to 25% product restocking fee and all shipping costs are non-refundable.
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