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*Bought the scout 304ss stove on march 9, 2016 and wanted to let you know that it is the best stove I have ever used. I am an avid bushcrafter and outdoorsman

*Hey Todd, just wanted to tell you how ecstatic I am with my stove. When I called you, you were on the plane home from Vietnam meetings. Can't tell you how glad I am that you told me not to order the stove tec on our first phone call. You said something much better is coming...just be patient. Boy were you right. I am SO glad I waited. What a quality product at a value price. I sincerely hope your company sales exceed your wildest expectations... You deserve all the best for all your hard work.  Sincerely, SDM Delaware

.*We purchased our Hunter stove from you guys on New Year's Eve. We wanted to put it in our greenhouse. It has been amazing! We put a canning kettle with several gallons of water on the burner, and it creates both heat and steam for the 12'X14' greenhouse. The plants are very happy with both! It is very pleasant to sit in there with the warmth and the greenery, and wood heat is so much more penetrating than electric. We are very pleased with our Hunter, and if the power goes out, we can cook on it too, which is a big plus.

*  Outstanding stove!!!!!!!!! Item arrived sooner than it was projected too also! Wow is all I can say about this stove... it out classes the Ecozoom rocket stove by light years!!! I may buy another for a friend ! 
* Excellent video! Todd and his crew at SilverFire are indeed awesome. We have one of these stoves and now you have piqued my interest to pull it out and give it a go. I think this is an awesome choice for preppers. I am looking forward to seeing it used indoors with vent to the outside. 

* I have just returned from the bush, where I gave your survivor stove a thorough workout.  It"s a bloody ripper mate!  Thanks again!  AU

*So many of my favorite people on here on this site have the Silverfire, they are not just funtional but also very attractive. I'll have one someday, LOL if not I'll just try to make due with something I can build.

*Hello: That's a great little stove.  Have a Good One

*The Silver Fire line of stoves has really taken a hold of the prepper community lately. I've seen a few videos now and the owners all love them. Thanks for the review, I think Silver Fire has got my vote.

*Just opened the box to my new Super Dragon.  If it operates as good as it looks I am sure to be pleased!  Very nice stove and a distinctive step up from my old green Rocket Stove.

*My compliments!!  Just bought the 'Hunter' a few weeks ago and have had a chance to test fire it twice; it worked amazingly well--exactly as you stated;  one fill of wood cooks a meal!!  Amazing how it can be so efficient and boil 1.5 gallons of water at a rolling boil in 10-minutes!  Probably less time when I get better at the 'upside down' fire starting process.  Well Done--I highly recommend this for an emergency back-up system for when the power goes out, or if you want a more efficient and safer way to cook while camping.

*Love my stove more all the time. Finding new stuff to cook & enjoying my stove greatly.  Thanks for such a quality & efficient product.

*Comments: Order #1030.    Got it, used it, love it. Thanks for getting it out to me so quick!    I'll be doing a review on it shortly and sharing it with my audience. Congrats on making such a cool stove!

*One of the best items I've ever purchased off of eBay. Thanks!!!!!!!

*Todd is the man. Wait until you try the Silverfire Super Dragon. all are fantastic designs.

* Thank you, I got home from work and there it was!! I am baking a potato in it as we speak. Wonderful little stove. I set a Coleman camp oven on top of it after putting in a large piece of oak. Been burning for 20 minutes and still going strong.  Great product, thanks.  Jim

* Lightning fast shipping, great product, and great communication!!!!!! A++++!

* Fantastic product very innovative and fun to use for many years best what gives!

* Excellent seller! Awesome rocket stove! Super fast shipping! Thank you!!!

The wok arrived today. Very nice and sturdy. Thank you very much!! Best Regards

* Great stove! Best survival/ camping stove I have used yet! Great e bay seller!!

* As a pyromaniac I would say these are pretty awesome!!  Sally

* WOW Todd these are so awesome!!!  You've come a long way baby!!!

* Big upgrade from my StoveTec!  Like the Cadillac of rocket stoves!

* Congratulations on such a nice new stove with great improvements.  For me, it was the secondary air feature and the weight reduction that sold me.

* Comments: Hi, I had a stovetec and I dropped it about 3 weeks after I
got it.  It broke up all the inside and I saw your stove on youtube  since
I don't have the money now to buy your rocket stove to replace the one
I dropped I guess I'll wait!


*  I am absolutely in love with my SilverFire Hunter Stove. Very impressed with how clean it burns. I live off the grid in a 5th wheel trailer and replaced the old propane stove that never worked, & exchanged it for the Hunter. I piped it through the stove hood, and lined all around it with fire brick and am so pleased. Thank you for such a high quality product!

* So love the SilverFire stove, a real quality product!

*They seem to work great, jnul0 uses his all the time and there is a really nice pot that fit it to heat the whole pot not just the bottom!

*Scout & MSR Pot:  The stove nests perfectly inside. This is a great buy!

*I installed this stove in my fifth wheel trailer using 3" pellet vent pipe and a flexible tube from the air intake on the right side of the stove to draw in outside air. I particularly like that the bottom of the stove has a rotatable grill with an ashtray underneath it. This allowed me to bolt the stove to the hearth pad so it won't move when I move my trailer. I have yet to cook on it, but the flame is very even and I expect to be wowed. The stove smokes out the chimney for about 8-10 minutes while it is warming up, then burns completely clear. Sometimes there is a little smoke released into the house when opening the feed door, but it is very minimal. The Mini Mongolian provides a good amount of heat from little wood and doesn't take up much space. I tested this stove's consumption by having a fire going and allowing it to nearly go out, then putting in two 250 gram pieces of dry pine wood which burned well for 50 minutes and provided heat for nearly another hour.

Reviewed Thu, Jul 25 2013 3:34 pm by

"We have used this stove to roast marshmallows, and hot dogs, as well as for frying fish in a cast iron skillet. A very versatile stove that I have yet to fully explore. It burns virtually any biomass, and it doesn't take much wood to cook a meal. I am very glad I purchased this stove and would do it again."

"Not only is it made to last but the time & thought that went into making this stove was nothing shy of above & beyond! This stove puts the old rocket stove to shame!! The exterior is even expensive looking let alone how well it performs & the door flap is a great idea!! Light as can be for a stove it's size also... I was quite surprised at the weight. It's ahead of the curve when compared to the rocket stove in every single way you could imagine... The stove is a complete steal for the money!! I just hope that people see this before they waste their money on a rocket stove. You will NOT be sorry you bought this stove!!! FYWP"

"Easy to use and control. Flame could be made to be very strong or reduced to a simmer. Easy to maintain and the stainless steel surface looks like new even after 20 burns. The door does turn to blue steel color."

Reviewed Thu, Jun 20 2013 2:31 pm by

"We decided to boil a pot of water and time that process. We added about 2 quarts of water to a stainless-steel (copper bottom) pot and waited. The water in the pot reached 212 degrees in approximately 19 minutes, which seemed a reasonable time since we weren’t running a blaze, but instead, a controlled fire.

All things considered, for the value, the SilverFire ‘Survivor’ is a great compact survival or disaster stove and considering its quality, should last a lifetime!"

Reviewed Mon, Jun 10 2013 2:12 pm by

"One of the biggest changes that makes the SilverFire a real next generation rocket stove is that the airflow pattern has been optimized to get the most usable heat from the least amount of fuel. The bottom of the stove is vented to allow air into the stove body from the base. This feeds oxygen in from the bottom of the fuel chamber and also in through a secondary set of ventilation holes above the burning wood. Once this rocket stove starts burning, it produces no smoke, as long as you tend the fire a bit." 

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Reviewed Mon, Jun 10 2013 2:05 pm by

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