SilverFire official product videos and 3rd party video reviews are updated frequently.  Search videos of interest by specific product.  Most of our official SilverFire videos from the YouTube library (SilverFire"Cooking with Todd") are listed first.  Third party SilverFire product videos are listed next by product category.  All of our portable stoves & related options are listed by model (Survivor Rocket Stove, Dragon Pot, Custom Stove Bag, etc...).  We have pending videos of the larger fixed chimney stoves videos under development.  Have fun reviewing our products.  Keep checking back periodically, we add videos of interest as an ongoing process.

Special Note:  SilverFire Clean Cooking Products are designed for quality, durability, low emissions, & low fuel use.  Our 3rd party field reviews are unscripted.  A special thanks to all of our reviewers (both solicited & unsolicited).  Large numbers of SilverFire videos can be found online, but there are too many to list on our official site.  We have listed videos we feel reflect best practices, accurate descriptions, or demonstrate reasonable biomass cooking techniques.  Unfortunately many SilverFire videos found on the Internet show reviewers using too much fuel, impeding ventilation, or use inappropriate biomass cooking techniques.    

If you run across other videos not listed on our site, we may not be aware of it, or perhaps we felt the technique or demonstration was not optimal, or the information not quite accurate, or is redundant.  In summary, appropriate stove use, technique, expertise, and practice are going to improve outcomes and performance.  Emissions and fuel use are impacted by fuel type, species,  moisture content, humidity, and temperature.  Dry fuel smokes less!  Small, dry, fluffy tinder is easy to light.  Compact and dense biomass may have more tar and residue as the end product left on your pot.  Dung, although viable as a fuel, provides less caloric energy value compared to twigs or other high calorie biomass.  Practice improves skill and enjoyment with SilverFire quality products.  Have fun with these unique and high performance cooking products!  Please enjoy the videos.   


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