Scout Backpack / Bug Out Twig Stove, Natural Draft Gasifier

Tyson Traeger of Oregon's Wood Pellet Products creates oven prototype from a surplus Lil Timber Patio Heater firebox and successfully bakes chicken using wood pellets (extending duration of burn) to bake chicken!

New Feral Woodcraft review.

2 Liter Mini Dragon Pot Scout Kit for 2

304 Scout & Mini Dragon 2 Liter Pot Ultimate Kit Review

Kayaker Tom Barrett demonstrates SilverFire Scout.  Tom is a real World outdoorsman and traveler.  As a solo kayaker he needs to depend on reliable gear.  Tom demonstrates the Scout along the river with his his minimalist approach and unity with nature.

SilverFire Scout Backpack / Bug Out Bag Stove Introduction. 

Cross country bicycle trek, requires Wayne Meador to use dung to cook successfully cook meal!  Great job Wayne!

Engineer 775 Scout Hunt (Practical Prepper) SilverFire Scout Upgrade

Lowbuck Prepper SilverFire Scout Review:  Lowbuck demonstrates the Scout cooking a grilled cheese sandwich.  Good explanation of both primary and secondary ventilation nuances of the stove design.  Great shots capturing secondary re-burning of wood (gasification of wood gas effect).  Thanks Lowbuck!

SilverFire Scout Review:  Survivadordali reviews SilverFire Scout showing size comparison to gas & tablet backpacking stoves.  Review demonstrates coffee & eggs prepared on picnic table in snow.  Her fuel management technique less than desirable due to failure to read manual.  Stove operation would improve by reading manual prior to using stove and using correct fuel size.  Folks please fill combustion chamber stove with shorter sticks (below secondary burn ports, below rim) for correct operation.  Her twigs were too long.  She also should consider adding butter or oil to cook eggs after pan is hot.  Food sticks to pan if not seasoned and not preheated.