Survivor Rocket Stove

In depth review of the SilverFire Survivor rocket stove and stove design discussion.

Survivor Rocket Stove Assembly!

SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove & Hunter Chimney Gasifier Stove Operation

SilverFire Survivor Lighting & Operation

New Spring 2015 Survivor! Tiny House Review! Special Note:  Notice complete and total combustion at end of burn, all thats left is very fine ash demonstrating the highest efficiency, surpassing all other rocket stoves currently sold in the World!

SilverFire Survivor Operation & Cookware:  Operation & Cookware discussion.  Cook anything &  everything with the SilverFire Survivor!

Scott Hunt Engineer 775 Practical Prepper 3rd Party Review, Excellent 3rd Party Review, Easy to Understand and Appropriate Fuel Management Technique!

SurvivalCommonSense.Com 3rd Party Survivor Rocket Stove Review:  Biomass Cooking with the Survivor!

JNULL0:  Shows folks how to use the Survivor indoors to heat and cook with  a #10 tin can & alcohol!  Great video!

Yankee Prepper  reviews the SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove with a timed field water boiling test in a head to head comparison with the StoveTec Deluxe 2 Door Rocket Stove.  Great comparative analysis of rocket design and construction of new vs old rocket stove technology.  Yankee adds a credible comparison not only for Developed Nation application, but due to his boots on the ground experience in Haiti, the Middle East, and other Developing World locations, he applies his understanding of combustion principles and practical field cooking application effectively.

SilverFire Survivor  indoor cooking with alcohol.  SilverFire LLC endorses the Survivor as an outdoor cooking stove only, due to lack of chimney.  John Null show's his personal use of cooking with Survivor indoors on a standard formica counter and clean burning alcohol in a well ventilated kitchen.

DIY Prepper BC Truck reviews the SilverFire Survivor & Dragon Pot.  BC Truck is a DIY fabricator who has made numerous rocket and gasifier stoves.  He  has numerous other DIY videos and projects and repairs for Preppers, DIY fabricators, and other fun projects.    

Baking Biscuits on the SilverFire Surviver Rocket Stove, another  unsolicited 3rd party review!

The Epicenter Emergency Preparedness Food and Survival Supplies Center visits the SilverFire Showroom / Warehouse to compare the SilverFire Survivor Rocket Stove with the StoveTec Rocket Stove.  Great comparative look at the internal design and construction of new and old rocket stove technology.

SurvivalCommonSense.Com 3rd Party Survivor Rocket Stove Review.  Good concise 3rd party review, however stove should be operated with fuel door in down position to retain more heat for a hotter fire & cleaner combustion!  

Low Buck Prepper gives another fun, somewhat inebriated product review!  Only Low Buck Prepper can multi-task and party reviewing products and flammage outcomes at the same time (yes, flammage!). 

We are still trying to identify the origin of this new scientific combustion term in our pyrolysis reference journals!  Thanks Low Buck!

John Null (jnull0 on U Tube) 3rd Party reviewer attempts to build an outdoor oven with a discarded kitchen oven with SilverFire Survivor rocket stove.  We'll keep an eye on his project and see how it develops!