Portable Super Dragon Fan Stove

SilverFire Super Dragon Fan Stove Introduction Video.  This stove is amazing, much faster cooking times than your gas or electric range cooktop for high fire power cooking.   You also have the option to use our pulse width modulator to reduce fan speed for canning or other low fire power, or finite controlled temperature cooking.  The SuperDragon fan draws only 3 watts and can be powered with a small clamshell solar panel, 12 Volt DC battery, or the AC adaptor that comes with the stove.     

Maiah Miller demonstrates cooking waffles on the Super Dragon Fan stove using just twigs for fuel and an antique cast iron waffle maker.  The Super Dragon pulse width modulator option is demonstrated to reduce the low fire power setting for this cooking demonstration.  Any type of cooking or cookware is possible with this amazing backyard stove.  This stove does it all, from delivering high fire power to boil massive pots, to low fire power cooking tasks,such as canning, or any that require finite temperature control.   

SilverFire Super Dragon Wood Gas Stove Video 1080p from Steven Harris on Vimeo.

Steven Harris Knowledge Publications 3rd Party Review:  SilverFire Super Dragon. Steven is an expert in gasification, who else could have been a better choice to review our Super Dragon!

Summer 2015!  Jason Jao demonstrates Adobo Chicken on the Super Dragon!  This excellent dish combined both a pressure cooker and cast iron grill plate!  Real chefs love the Super Dragon!  Thanks Jason!

Tiny House 3rd Party Super Dragon Review!  Great concise review of cooking with the Super Dragon!

Low Buck Prepper:  Super Dragon / Survivor Maple Bacon Sticky Buns!  Low Buck demonstrates cooking on the Super Dragon with a portable folding Coleman Camp Oven and the SilverFire Survivor at the same time!