Folks, do you have a favorite outdoor cooking or biomass stove recipe or dish?  We would love to provide it to others.  Tell us about it.  Thanks!

Special Note:  All wood & bio-fuel stoves create soot on the bottom of cookware when cooking with biomass.  It maybe important to clean the bottom of your pots or after time the buildup of soot can impede heat transfer into the pot.  There are many industrial cleaners such as Krud Kutter, WD-40, etc..., that are effective removing soot from the bottom of cookware with a paper towel, prior to washing.  Tough soot buildup may also require a scouring pad and cleaner before washing cookware.   Porcelain over steel and stainless steel cookware is easier to clean than cast iron, regular steel, or aluminum cookware.  Cast iron cookware dissipates heat efficiently though and the absorption of iron into the food maybe a health benefit benefit to those with low iron blood levels.

Almost any type of cookware can be used on SilverFire products, including cast iron, crepe pans, frying pans, grills, pots, woks, salt grille blocks, after market camp ovens, you name it.  As mentioned our favorite cookware is porcelain over steel and stainless steel, due to ease of maintenance.  When slow cooking or grilling, we prefer cast iron, due to the ability to distribute the heat evenly.  This is important  if grilling multiple pieces of meat, cooking pancakes, etc....  Aluminum and regular mild steel cookware is harder to clean.  Garage sales, 2nd hand stores, flea markets, and thrift shops are excellent places to find inexpensive cookware for SilverFire products.