SilverFire Survivor Paella

This wonderful Spanish coastal dish is easy to make on any of the SilverFire stoves that can support a large shallow pan.   Paella is derived from various descriptions of pans cooked on an open fire.  It is simply a rice based dish, usually incorporating fish, poultry, spices, & vegetables simmered in broth.  Here in the NorthWest we have lots of fresh seafood to select from.  We also gathered local Chanterelle mushrooms from the nearby forest to use with this specific recipe. 

*  Heat pan & add olive oil when hot   *Cook onions till golden  *Sauté  meat (except seafood, use later or will be overcooked)   *Add vegetables & cook till soft  *Add garlic, tomatoes, beans, mushrooms & sauté  *  Add spice  *Add broth and bring to boil, & reduce liquid to 1/2  * Add rice and simmer till rice cooked  *Garnish with Italian Parsley, Basil, Rosemary or other preferred herbs

Open a good bottle of wine and serve with sourdough bread and a green salad.

Image SilverFire Survivor Paella

Image 2 SilverFire Survivor Paella

Image 3 SilverFire Survivor Paella