"We have used this stove to roast marshmallows, and hot dogs, as well as for frying fish in a cast iron skillet. A very versatile stove that I have yet to fully explore. It burns virtually any biomass, and it doesn't take much wood to cook a meal. I am very glad I purchased this stove and would do it again."

"Not only is it made to last but the time & thought that went into making this stove was nothing shy of above & beyond! This stove puts the old rocket stove to shame!! The exterior is even expensive looking let alone how well it performs & the door flap is a great idea!! Light as can be for a stove it's size also... I was quite surprised at the weight. It's ahead of the curve when compared to the rocket stove in every single way you could imagine... The stove is a complete steal for the money!! I just hope that people see this before they waste their money on a rocket stove. You will NOT be sorry you bought this stove!!! FYWP"

"Easy to use and control. Flame could be made to be very strong or reduced to a simmer. Easy to maintain and the stainless steel surface looks like new even after 20 burns. The door does turn to blue steel color."

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