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Good Tactical Stove for Field

Todd Albi has come up with another winning and innovative stove with the Silverfire Scout. The Scout is the most versitile stove I have found for survival, tactical, and recreational use. For additional fuel versitility, the folks in my loop add a Varga Decagon alcohol burner which fits perfectly on the top of the inner firebox. In Alcohol configuration, the stove can be used extended in high wind or cold weather or collapsed in calm, warm conditions. The only drawback for tactical use is the bright silver finish. We have out Scout stoves coated with High Temp Cerokote as follows: pot support and MSR pot - 1500 deg high temp black, outer wall of top burn box, pot lid, and vent stand - 700 deg high temp FDE or OD (see photo) Another thing we recommend is a good multitool that has a pruner rather than a pliars as the main tool. The good multitools also have a knife and a fleem cut wood saw. This makes trimming fuel down to the right size quick and easy, a critical capability when time is of the essence. This stove meets all the requirements I have for a stove including fuel versitility and sustained fuel availability in the most extreme situations. Two thumbs up for the Silverfire Scout.
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